Our team

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Jeremiah Berman

Born on the east coast of the United States, Jeremiah first stepped foot in Peru at the age of 18 as a volunteer. In that one month, Jeremiah fell in love with the country. Nine months after his return trip, he found himself once again on a plane to Peru, this time with no plans and only a backpack. His self-lead tour around the country allowed him to see and experience “the real Peru” and this deepened his love even more. In 2009, Jeremiah moved permanently to Peru. Over the next three years, he mastered the Spanish language, worked as an English teacher, volunteer, voice-over specialist and local tour guide. In that time, he also met his wife, Lisseth. Married in 2012, they moved to the United States and entered into the corporate world. With time, they both realized this was not the legacy they wanted to leave behind.

In 2015, they came to the conclusion they wanted to dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others. With their extensive knowledge about Peru, volunteering abroad, and their passion for the country…Abroaden was founded.

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Lisseth Berman

Lisseth Conza-Berman was born in Lima, Peru, and has lived there most of her life. As a local, she has full knowledge and understanding of the Peruvian culture that Abroaden wishes to share with all its volunteers. These authentic experiences are one of Abroaden’s greatest assets offered to all its participants. Lisseth and Jeremiah met in Lima, fell in love, got married and in 2012 Lisseth moved to the United States with her new husband. The United States also offered her better job opportunities in her field of study as a Software Engineer. Although she has fallen in love with the United States, as well as having mastered the English language and gained her American citizenship, Peru will forever be her first love. Now alongside Jeremiah and sharing in the same dream to bring joy to others through the reward of giving back, Lisseth works to ensure an authentic experience is had on each and every trip. From truly home cooked meals, to nights out with Lisseth’s local family and friends, Lisseth gets no greater satisfaction than sharing her home country with Volunteers.


Cristina QUinones

Born in Ica, Peru, the land of grapes and sand surfing. Cristina dedicates her life to cooking and taking care of her family. We love having Cristina as our personal chef because her food is incredible, healthy and “gringo safe.” She uses the freshest ingredients strait from the markets and has more recipes than you can imagine! She knows how to cook for vegans and all kinds of dietary restrictions. Everything she makes is made with love and it really shows!


Adelino Conza

Originally born in Cusco, Peru (where Machu Picchu is located) Adelino moved to Lima when he was 18. He owned a hardware shop located in Ate, Lima for the majority of his life and is now retired. He dedicates his life to traveling, fishing and working with us to organize our abroaden trips. Adelino is responsible for coordinating all transportation, volunteer work and details for our trip to Cusco. Adelino is the guy who makes sure we have what we need when we need it!